Adidas: N3XT L3V3L

Creative Direction: GrandArmy
Art Direction/Design: Michael Auer, Michael Stone, & Salvatore La Rosa
Photography: Cole Barash

GrandArmy worked closely with adidas basketball to develop an overhauled identity, visual system, and relaunch campaign for adidas hoops SS19. We introduced 3 groundbreaking new basketball shoes: N3XT L3V3L, Pro Vision, and Marquee Boost. This collection represents a reset for the entire category – introducing a new approach to product design, voice guidelines, illustration and art direction. GrandArmy collaborated with the adidas team throughout the entire development process – from the initial category brief, throughout the product development process, and ultimately during the public launch.
The campaign is built around a highly flexible visual system. Each shoe had its own voice and personality, but was able to compliment its counterparts through custom typography, editorial compositions, copywriting, photography, and video direction.

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Adidas: N3XT L3V3L ︎

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